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1 lot of avocado missing from order.

Sophie Bills, 13 Apr 2021

Delicious food, but didn't realise the edaname salad was going to be *just* edaname beans... :D

Madeleine, 09 Apr 2021

Excellent food

Steve, 04 Apr 2021

I ordered differently to my usual special yaki work fried which is a fantastic dish. Instead I ordered the teriyaki steam and although it waa very well presented the quality of thr steam was poor, so chewy and unenjoyable and let down the rest of the dish. My partners howere was reportesly very nice so dishes can be hot and miss

Sophie, 26 Mar 2021

Unfortunately the 2 hour+ wait really ruined the food for me. Food is average, nothing special.

Nick, 18 Mar 2021

SO helpful and accommodating

Laura, 03 Mar 2021

Had set meal B and the Apple Tempura and Ice Cream was missing. Order was late but food tasted very nice.

Nick, 14 Feb 2021

Really tasty food. Excellent customer service. Will 100% be returning

Dan, 07 Feb 2021

Absolutely love!!!

Janine, 06 Feb 2021

Hi I have ordered from koishii several times and have always been so happy with the service and food. Today I ordered my usual salmon roll and it was revolting. The rice was crunchy and the salmon was grey and bitter I’m not sure if it was off but it has left me quite unwell. I paid with cash but would appreciate some kind of refund or voucher I’m so disappointed with this order and fear I may now have food poisoning

Kelly Johnson, 06 Dec 2020

Thank you, we’ve just brought our order home and we've received the wrong item, crab stick cut rolls instead of tempura prawn cut rolls. We would have rather been offered an alternative if you didn’t have what we wanted as we really didn’t want crab sticks and won't be able to eat them! Can a refund be offered please? Please contact me on

Lucy Cartwright , 27 Nov 2020

Today "service" from you guys was absolutely terrible. I have ordered from you guys before and the food: 1 Always arrive on time (~30-40 mins wait time), 2 Customer support has always been great when needed an update on the order. This combined with the delight of the food being great is why I kept going back. But today both have fallen short, waited over 1 hour and 30 minutes to get 1 single sushi plater and a few coca-cola. Ring the restaurant twice to get an update, just to hear that your delivery driver is "on the way" and "will bring the food to you shortly". But it never came, even after 30 minutes between my first and second rang. Have to cancel the order, ring up the restaurant just to let them know why, and whoever answered the phone was super rude. I know customer can be a pain but swearing at one, and even over the telephone is a disgrace to the industry and absolutely dishonoured the Japanese service mentality. I have never had to witness such monstrosity from a "Japanese" restaurant before. Either clean up your act, or you may lose whatever loyalty and respect that your customer may have had for you. Such a shame and disappointment.

Mr N, 21 Nov 2020

Steak to be cooked medium rare please

James, 12 Nov 2020

Best is to dine in

Iso, 10 Nov 2020


Iso, 10 Nov 2020

Love your food

Stephanie, 17 Sep 2020


food came so quick and always enjoyed my food. great food quality :)

Lianthony , 15 May 2020

It doesn’t matter what you get from the menu everything is always hot tasty delicious food. Would definitely recommend koishii to anyone

Leigh, 31 Jan 2020

You are wonderful!

Janine, 29 Oct 2019


Sean, 12 Oct 2019

Always wonderful, will have to visit the restaurant soon.

Leigh, 31 Aug 2019

This evening I ordered the yakiniku bento box and I can honestly say it’s the best Bento i’ve had since returning to the Uk from Japan. In most places you tend to either get quantity or quality, I can honestly say I received both with the meal! The sirloin was tender, the taste amazing, as well as the sushi and miso soup! I’ve never left feedback for a takeaway or meal before but I had to thank you for the amazing service you provided both the meal and value for money really can’t be questioned. ごちそうさまでした!

Amy Thomas, 18 Aug 2019

Great food, A+

Gavin, 08 Jul 2019

My absolute favourite restaurant! First time I tried it I was hooked! I've probably ordered sushi more times over the last month than I've actually cooked for myself. Honestly, everything is so delicious every single time. I love this place so so much!

Grace, 24 Jun 2019

Very nice food and quick service

Edward, 14 Feb 2019

Excellent food and atmosphere. Staff are always lovely and helpful. Would strongly recommend as the best place for Japanese food in Plymouth

Conor Hornibrook,

  Reply : Hi Connor Thank you very much for your 5 star and your comment, you are our favourite customer, we will keep it up, see you soon.